Book and pass UK driving theory test

How to pass driving theory test in UK

To obtain a UK driving license and test certificates, You must not have lived in England, Wales or Scotland for at least 185 days in the last 12 months before the day you take your theory or driving test. Now you can buy uk driving license and pass certificate confidently and conveniently. Car and motorcycle UK theory pass certificate cost £230. Book and pass UK driving theory test – Buy theory pass test certificate in UK.

What tests do I need to pass to get my UK driving licence

You can certainly do this but you won’t get any free re-tests if you fail. You will pay for each exams you take. Some theory booking sites have had very bad reputations due to offering unfair and unclear terms. You can book your driving test when you’ve passed your theory test.

We are fully approved by Trading Standards and we are part of their buy with confidence scheme. If you want to drive a car you’ll need to pass the driving theory test before booking the car practical driving test. The DVSA theory test lasts 57 minutes and you need to get at least 43 out of 50 multiple choice questions correct to pass. Book and pass UK driving theory test – Buy theory pass test certificate in UK

The UK driving theory exam consists of three (3) sections:

  • 1. a driving theory exam;
  • 2. a hazard perception test
  • 3. a road driving test.
Book and pass UK driving theory test - Buy theory pass test certificate in UK

Buy theory pass test certificate in UK

Buy UK theory driving test pass certificate online as we are here for you not only to help you pass the road test but to make you safe and confident drivers on the road without having to take the test.

If you have lost your theory certificate, you should not worry, it can be easily retrieved. When you’re getting over the excitement of passing your theory test, the last thing you want to do is lose your certificate.

Booking your practical test will prove to be impossible without it, as you need your certificate number. It is worth knowing that you will not receive another certificate. Instead, you will receive a letter from the DVSA, which you will need when you arrive for your theory exams.

Why do I need my theory test certificate?

If you do not have your theory test certificate, you may encounter issues. You need your theory certificate when you book your driving test.

It is also a requirement when you want to make an amendment, for example, changing the date of your driving test.

To sit your driving test, you must have a replacement letter that is provided by the DVSA, to show you have completed

Passed theory and driving test and get full driving license

1. The theory test consists of two parts: the multiple-choice questions section and the hazard perception test. The multiple-choice questions assess your knowledge of traffic laws, road signs, and safe driving practices. The hazard perception test evaluates your ability to identify and respond to potential hazards on the road. Apply for theory test certificate, pass certificate theory test

2. Passing the Theory Test you need to achieve a minimum score in both the multiple-choice questions section and the hazard perception test. The exact passing scores can vary, so it’s important to check the current requirements set by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), the organization responsible for conducting driving tests in the UK.

3. Theory Test Certificate: If you successfully pass both sections of the theory test, you will receive a theory certificate. The certificate is typically valid for two years from the date you passed.

4. Booking the practical driving test: Before you can take the practical driving exams in the UK, you need to have a valid theory test certificate. You will be required to provide the theory test certificate number when booking your practical driving test through the DVSA.

Get a full UK driving license

In order to qualify for a driving licence for a vehicle or motorbike, interested persons must make sure they can drive and have been driving for more than two years now. If you can’t drive you must have followed a supervised driving test. Enrolment at a driving school is not mandatory, although drivers must be accompanied by a driver aged at least 21, and with a minimum of three years’ driving experience. Buy UK driving licence no tests

The minimum age for driving a car is 17 years. For mopeds it is 16 and for motorcycles, depending on the power of the bike, it may be from 17 to 21 years. If you have a provisional driving licence issued anywhere in England, Scotland and Wales and have been taking the tests for years now without success then we are here to help. Gov.UK has more information on applying and the documents required. The same site also has more information on vehicles that can be driven and the minimum age. Buy UK driving licence no tests