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You can buy genuine driving license UK, The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency(DVLA) is the organisation responsible for maintaining the database of drivers in Great Britain and a database of vehicles for the entire United Kingdom. buy full UK driving license – Its counterpart for drivers in Northern Ireland is the Driver and Vehicle Agency. Buy EU driving license

In order to drive any vehicle on a public road in the UK, you need to have a driving license. Here we will explain the process of applying for a driving licence in the UK.

How to buy a driving licence in the UK

Before you can start driving on the road, you’ll need a provisional licence, which currently costs £210.

The quickest way to apply for your provisional license is online at DVLA  associates. You’ll need a debit or credit card, proof of your identity such as your passport and your address details for the last 3 years.

You can also apply using a D1 form, which you can get from any post office. Find out more about applying by post at GOV.UK.

You can apply up to 3 months before your 17th birthday (or when you’re 16 if you receive the higher rate of the mobility component of Disability Living Allowance). Provisional Driving Licence

A provisional driving licence has some limitations and restrictions you need to be aware of. Check GOV.UK to see what these are.

Buy genuine driving license UK - Buy Full UK driving licence online

Buy full UK driving license online

Once you’ve passed the theory and practical parts of the driving test, you’ll receive your full driving licence. The full licence card is pink, instead of green. You must apply for your full license within two years of passing your test or your pass certificate won’t be valid and you’ll have to re-sit your test. DVLA driving license

The DVLA needs to be notified when you’ve passed, something which is usually done by the driving examiner following your test. Buy UK driving license without test in 2021

If your details haven’t changed since you got your provisional, the driving examiner will send your details to the DVLA and your full licence will usually arrive in about four weeks. Buy genuine driving license UK

Driving licence categories and codes

There are several categories of vehicles you could be qualified to ride or drive.

You may have to take extra lessons and tests to drive some classes of vehicles. Apply For A Full UK Driving Licence without tests

The full list of driving licence categories with more details is available on the website. Change the Category Of Your Driving Licence

Vehicle categoryCode
Moped and motorbikeAM, P, Q, A1, A2 and A
Light vehicles and quad bikesB1
CarsB, B auto and BE
Medium sized vehiclesC1 and C1E
Large vehiclesC and CE
MinibusesD1 and D1E
BusesD and DE
Agricultural tractorf
Road rollerG
Tracked vehiclesH
Mowing machine or pedestrian-controlled vehiclek
Electrically-propelled vehiclel
Trolley vehiclesM
Exempt from dutyn

Buy EU driving license online

If you move to another country within the EU, you can currently drive there with your existing UK license, so long as it’s valid. Buy Full UK Driving licence

This will change when the UK leaves the EU.

You’ll need to exchange your licence in the EU country you’ve moved to. This can only be done by the authorities in the country you’re now living in. Buy Irish driving license

Your original licence will be replaced with a local version of the new format and you’ll have to abide by the same rules and medical checks as nationals of that country. Buy Full UK driving license online

Some EU and European Economic Area (EAA) countries will use the above licence exchange arrangement. But others won’t – you might have to retake your driving test.

You can find the new process for each country on the website.

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