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How to get an international driving permit in Romania? 

An International Driving Permit is a translation of your national driving license. The IDP allows motorists to drive vehicles in foreign countries.

You must always have your IDP along with your national license at all times. To get an International Driving Permit in Romania, The International Driving License (PIC) is issued to persons driving cars on foreign territory, being a legalized translation of the Romanian national license in 7 international languages ​​and recognized by all states signatories to the 1968 Vienna Convention on Road Traffic.

Exchanging the driver’s license in Romania

Generally speaking, foreigners can drive with their national driver’s license, or with any international driving license, only if they are staying for a maximum of 90 days in the country. Beyond that, they will need to obtain a Romanian driver’s license. Buy Swedish driving license – UK driving licence application

For this exchange of license, expats will have to go to the police station that is the nearest to their place of residence. The fees are around 90 euros, and it will last one or two weeks to get the driver’s license.

You will need the following documents:

  • The original driving license and a copy of it;
  • An authentication certificate that was sworn before a public notary;
  • The resident card;
  • An authorized translation of the national driver’s license from the home country;
  • A dull application form all signed and filled;
  • Medical certificate proving the ability of driving;
  • A copy of a clean criminal record;
  • Two passport-size identity photos.

Applying for a local driver’s license in Romania

First of all, you need to be 18 years old. You can apply for a Romania driving license once you are a resident in the country, or you are a student that has been living in Romania for at least six months. The process of getting the license includes theoretical and practical courses and exams. Expats need to enroll in driving schools. Buy Romanian driving licence online without test

Before the exams, they will have to register to the nearest police station, with the proof of residence or the university registration certificate. As for the language of examination, the exams are available in English, so make sure to choose this option. provisional driving licence

Romanian traffic laws –  Buy EU driving licence with no test needed

The traffic laws in Romania are quite strict. For instance, the Traffic Police can confiscate the driver’s license or permit for over three months for infractions such as:

  • Not stopping to the red light or stop sign;
  • Not yielding the right way;
  • Crossing the double line;
  • Not yielding to the pedestrians at crossroads.

Categories | Buy Romanian drivers license

  • A -Vehicle with two wheels (motorcycle) with or without a sidecar or a tricycle that has an engine power over 15 Kw.
    • AM -Vehicle with two or three wheels having a minimum construction speed of 25 km/h and a maximum speed of 45 km/h, maximum engine capacity of 50CC, or an electric engine with nominal continuous power not exceeding 4 Kw, and a mass not exceeding 350 kg, the mass of batteries is not included, in case of electric engine.
    • A1 -Vehicle with two or three wheels having a maximum engine capacity of 125CC, the maximum engine power of 11 Kw and the power/weight ratio must not exceed 0.1 Kw/kg.
    • A2 -Motorcycle with maximum engine power of 35 Kw, with the power/weight ratio not exceeding 0.2 Kw/kg and are not derived from a vehicle that has more than double of its power.
  • B -Vehicle that does not exceed a 3,500 kg authorized mass, has a maximum of 8 seats besides the driver’s and is allowed to pull a light-weight trailer not exceeding an authorized mass of 750 kg.
    • B1 -Vehicle with three or four wheels having a minimum mass of 400 kg and a maximum mass of 550 kg that has an engine larger than 50CC and can achieve a speed greater than 50 km/h.
  • C -Vehicle with and authorized mass greater than 3,500 kg and with 8 seats besides the driver’s.
    • C1 -Vehicle that has a mass greater than 3,500 kg but not exceeding 7,500 kg.
    • C1+E -A C1 category vehicle that has a trailer exceeding 750 kg but the summed mass of the vehicle and trailer does not exceed 12,000 kg.
  • D -Vehicle that has more than 8 seats besides the driver’s.
    • D1 -Vehicle that has more than 8 seats besides the driver’s but not more than 16 seats.
    • D1+E -A D1 category vehicle with a trailer exceeding 750 kg but the summed mass of the vehicle and trailer not exceeding 12,000 kg. Buy Romanian Driving Licence

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