Getting A Spanish Driving Licence

Buy Spanish Driving Licence Online, If you’re from a European Economic Area (EEA) country (EU plus Iceland, Norway, and Lichtenstein) you are free to drive in Spain using your existing driver’s license for the first two years in Spain. You must also register with the traffic authorities after six months, Buy Driving License Without Test.

You must adhere to the same conditions as Spanish license holders, including the following:

Buy Driving License Without Test

Spanish authorities can also compel a person to obtain a new Spanish license if there are issues with penalty points. If you don’t obtain a Spanish driver’s license after two years and are caught driving, however, you face a fine of €2500. Buy EU Driving License online

How to get a Spanish Driving Licence

On the off chance that you are an inhabitant of Spain with a permit issued in another EU nation then you should change your driving permit inside two years of turning into an occupant if your permit doesn’t follow Spanish law. As of now some driving licenses have no expiry date and others have one of 15 years or more. Buy EU Driving License online

In Spain, a Spanish driving permit is substantial for a long time up to the age of 65. After the age of 65 you should restore it at regular intervals. The permit you hold must have a similar time breaking points or needs evolving. Buy Spanish Driving Licence Online

Driving Licence Category Codes

-AM for mopeds and vehicles for people with reduced mobility: 15 years (a moped driver may not carry a passenger until the age of 18)
-A1 (motorbikes with a maximum power of 11kW and an engine up to 125cc): 16 years
-A2 (motorbikes with a maximum power of 35kW a power-to-weight ratio of under 0.2kW/kg): 18 years
-A (all motorbikes, with at least two years experience driving motorbikes of category A1 vehicles): 20 years
-B (vehicles with a maximum weight of 3,500 Kg and with a maximum of 9 seats including the driver’s): 18 years
-C (vehicles with weight over 3,500 Kg): 21 years
-C1 (vehicles between 3,500kg and 7,500kg carrying no more than 8 passengers plus driver with trailer up to 750kg)
– D (vehicles for the transport of passengers): 24 years
-BTP – special purpose vehicles like ambulance, school transport buses, fire truck, police vehicles and taxis – must have had Permit B for at least a year.

BE, CE, DE as B, C and D but with trailer over 750 kg.

Further codes, re medical causes etc. HERE

Can I get driving licence in UK?

Buy a driving licence in the UK without a written and practical exams: how do we proceed on this site? … The driving licence is therefore not only legally obtained but also legal and registered in the databases of the DVA or the DVLA according to the State. That’s why it’s so easy to buy a driving license on our website. Buy EU Driving License online

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