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EU/EEA citizens driving in Spain

If you’re from a European Economic Area (EEA) country (EU plus Iceland, Norway, and Lichtenstein) you are free to drive in Spain using your existing driver’s license for the first two years in Spain. You must also register with the traffic authorities after six months. Order EU Driving Licence

You must adhere to the same conditions as Spanish license holders, including the following:

Spanish authorities can also compel a person to obtain a new Spanish license if there are issues with penalty points.

If you don’t obtain a Spanish driver’s license after two years and are caught driving, however, you face a fine of €200.

How to get a Spanish Driving Licence

On the off chance that you are an inhabitant of Spain with a permit issued in another EU nation then you should change your driving permit inside two years of turning into an occupant if your permit doesn’t follow Spanish law. As of now some driving licenses have no expiry date and others have one of 15 years or more. In Spain, a Spanish driving permit is substantial for a long time up to the age of 65. After the age of 65 you should restore it at regular intervals. The permit you hold must have a similar time breaking points or needs evolving. How to get Driving License In 2021

Main types of Spanish Driving Licences (by age)

  • Permit AM for vehicles for people with reduced mobility and mopeds: 15 years (a moped driver may not carry a passenger until the age of 18)
  • Permit A1 (motorbikes with a maximum power of 11kW and an engine up to 125cc): 16 years
  • Permit A2 (motorbikes with a maximum power of 35kW a power-to-weight ratio of under 0.2kW/kg): 18 years
  • Permit A (all motorbikes, with at least two years experience driving motorbikes of category A1 vehicles): 20 years
  • Permit B (vehicles with a maximum weight of 3,500 Kg and with a maximum of 9 seats including the driver’s): 18 years
  • Permit C (vehicles with weight over 3,500 Kg): 21 years
  • Permit D (vehicles for the transport of passengers): 24 years

Renewing your driving licence | Buy Real Spanish Driving Licence

As per Article 15, passage 4 of the Spanish Regulation General Drivers, it is obligatory for drivers to reestablish their EU/EEA driving licenses whose legitimacy is: Getting A UK Driving License

  • changeless (never lapses);
  • 15 years or more on date of issue for Group 1 (AM, A1, A2, A, B and BE);
  • five years or more on date of issue for the Group 2 (BTP, C1, C1E, C, CE D1, D1E, D, DE).

Besides, the EU/EEA subject must live in Spain for over two years.

In this manner, there are two unique situations to which the new law applies:

  1. Holder of an EU/EEA driving permit that never terminates or with a legitimacy of 15 years or more for Group 1 (or five years or more for Group 2) and having Spanish residency since 19 January 2013 or some time recently. For this situation, you should reestablish your driving permit beginning on January 19, 2015. Ireland driving license
  2. Holder of an EU/EEA driving permit that never terminates or with a legitimacy of at least 15 for Group 1 (or five years or more for Group 2) and having Spanish residency after 19 January 2013. For this situation, you should reestablish your driving permit in the wake of having Spanish residency for a long time or more. Apply For A British Passport

What are the requirements? | Driving licence in Spain


  • APPLICATION FORM: official form which includes a declaration stating that the holder has not been disqualified from driving by law, that the person does not hold any other driving licence issued within the EU or EEA of the same category as the one requested or that has been restricted, suspended or revoked and duly completed TALÓN FOTO available at Traffic Departments.
  • FEE II.3: 27.70 €. Three methods of payment: online www.dgt.es, by bank card at Traffic Departments and by direct debit from a bank account or in cash at financial institutions (model form 791 available at Traffic Departments and on www.dgt.es )
  • PROOF OF IDENTITY AND RESIDENCE: − Valid National Identity Document or NIE or passport and any other document requested by the Traffic Headquarters where the exchange application is processed. 4th. COMMUNITY DRIVING LICENCE: valid original licence and a photocopy 5th. Apply For A Full UK Driving Licence
  • PHOTOGRAPH: an original 32 x 26 mm photograph in colour and taken against a plain background, facing forward without anything covering the head, without sunglasses or tinted glasses or any other item which may prevent or make the identification of the person problematic. Veils may be acceptable in photographs of applicants who, for religious purposes, wear a head covering that obscures their hair, with the only limitation that their full face must be visible from the hairline to the bottom of the chin so as not to prevent or make the identification of the person problematic


To apply for a Spanish permit, you will require the accompanying archives:

  • a universal driving grant (IDP), and also the permit from your nation of origin;
  • an official interpretation of your permit, which can be gotten from a Spanish office;
  • a testament of proportionality (certificado de equivalencia) issued by the Spanish RAC.

A universal driving grant is realistic in Spain from the Royal Automobile Club of Spain (Real Automóvil Club de España/RACE) on presentation of a substantial outside driving permit, a Spanish ID card or a Spanish inhabitant allow, an online shape and one photo. Note, be that as it may, that if a non-inhabitant acquires a universal driving permit in Spain, it’s substantial just to drive outside of Spain. Apply for a National Insurance number

What if I lose my licence?

On the off chance that a permit is lost, harmed or stolen, or an address changes, the Provincial Road Traffic power will issue a substitution permit. The substitution permit is issued for nothing out of pocket in case of progress of address.

Obtain A Spanish Driving License Without Test | Buy Driving License without test

Applications for both theory and practical driving exams are made at the Traffic Department (Dirección General de Trafico – DGT)

You can do the whole process on your own or through a local driving school that will guide you through all the procedures. It is a common practice in Spain that driving schools also offer all the paperwork submission and registration services as part of their course packages. This makes obtaining your driving license a less overwhelming process and allows you to purely focus on your exam preparations. Order EU Driving Licence

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