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How to get a UK driving license online

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This guide will talk you through all the steps to buy a driving license online, the documents you will need, and how to update your license details once you have completed your application, Buy theory test certificates online

  1. What you will need for your application:
  2. Identity document such as a valid UK passport
  3. Addresses where you have lived over the last 3 years
  4. A debit card to pay for your online application
  5. Your national insurance number
  6. How to get a UK driving license online

These procedure goes also for the undocumented, if you are undocumented and you need to buy a UK driving license, No need to worry.

Buy UK driving license without test

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If you’re raring to get on the roads, the first thing you need to do is take some driving lessons, and if you already have your own car, you’ll need to get insured, we explain more about this later.

Before you get behind the wheel, whether for a professional driving lesson, you must not necessarily have a provisional driving licence.

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Looking to buy your first driving licence, You’ll also need a provisional licence before you book your theory, hazard perception, or practical driving test.

Buy UK drivers license without test

Apply for provisional licence in the UK

You can apply for a UK driving license three months before you turn 16, but you need to wait until you turn 17 before you can drive on the UK’s public highways.

But not just anyone can take to the roads, the law requires potential drivers to meet certain standards before they can have a UK provisional licence.

Before you apply for a UK driving license:

  • Be a resident of Great Britain or Northern Ireland

  • Must be at least 15 years and 9 months of age at the time of applying for your provisional license

  • You must be able to read a standard licence plate from a distance of 20 metres (with glasses or contact lenses if necessary

To apply for your provisional driving licence, either fill out a form from the Post Office or apply on the DVLA website.

When submitting your provisional license application, you’ll need to inform the DVLA of the following