How to get a German driver’s license: The ultimate online guide

Getting a German driver’s license online Usually at any driving school, you only have to make sure that the instructors are able to speak English if you don’t speak German. Can I get a German driver’s licence? Buy German driving license without test – Buy driver’s licence without test

The theoretically school materials are available in many languages, but it is better for the exams to get known of the commands when it’s going to solve them by the officials who take them.

Anyway it has become a quite expensive privilege to get a driver’s license here. Buy real driving license online

Buy driver’s licence without test

Get your German driving license without having to take the traditional test and waiting periods. Our qualified agents can help you get your license in 5 easy steps, regardless of age or residence. Driving on the roads of Germany will be easier than ever due to our fast and safe service. Buy category B driving licence without test – Buy uk driving licence


  • No need for long wait times
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  • Save time and money obtained with no tests or exams
  • No hassle of preparing for a complicated test
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So, if you can make it in your home country, get an international one and make only a few driving lessons before it becomes turned into a European one, because there is no German license anymore, but it has to registered here if you’re intending to stay longer and having an address.

There are also vacation courses offered where you …may have it in three or four weeks.

Buy German driving license without test

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Exchanging your license for a German driver’s license

If you’ll be staying longer than a year, though, you need a Führerschein to drive in Germany after your first six months in country. If your home country (or American state) has a license exchange agreement with Germany, you have up to three years to swap – after that, you’ve got to do it like the Germans do, from scratch.

Canadians and South Africans can trade with ease. So can many Americans (but not from all US states), a detailed list of these privileged countries/

Please note that if you want to get your foreign drivers license (from a non-EU country) accepted in Germany you need to prove to have lived for at least 185 days without interruption in the country that issued your driver’s license during the time the license has been issued. Buy German driving license without test – Buy driver’s licence without test

Can I get driving licence in UK?

Buy a driving licence in the UK without a written and practical exams: how do we proceed on this site? … The driving licence is therefore not only legally obtained but also legal and registered in the databases of the DVA or the DVLA according to the State. That’s why it’s so easy to buy a driving license on our website. Can I get driving license in UK?

Yes. All you need to do is go to the nearest driving school (Fahrschule) to ask for the detailed process and cost estimates. Some countries have the option of converting their original license to a German one or using the same (if they have an EU Driving license).

If you’re a non-EU person, you’ll have to pass the written and practical test both in German or in English, the specific costs will be decided by the individual driving school. But the short answer to your question is, yes. Buy driver’s licence without test

Different Driving License Classes in Germany / EU

In Germany and other countries in EU, driver’s license can have different classes under same a category. For example, car license can have B class, B 96 class or BE. These classes are described on this page.

  1. Moped and motorcycle license
  2. Car license
  3. Truck license
  4. Bus license
  5. Tractor and forklift license

To see if your driver’s license is valid in Germany, process of conversion from any foreign license to German driver’s license, and process of obtaining a new German license, please visit this page.

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